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Matthew 28:19-20
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Our Mission

Build a mission center providing a base to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, educate K-12, train ministers, and house up to 100 orphans.

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Our Progress

Our progress building the new three story mission center.

Sept 2014

Progress on Church land.
Well has been dug (needs concrete top, casing, and a hand pump)
Footer is dug and concrete poured. Pillar rods are installed.
Toilets are dug and brick walls are up ( still need doors)

A temporary structure for church services is up and operating. ( Later when the new facility is built, this structure will be utilized for storage etc. )

Opening of a medical Clinic.

A microscope has been purchased for disease detection.
Two qualified technicians are on staff.
They have a month’s supply of medical inventory.
The operation of a clinic in Migori is very beneficial to the community. The clinic offers medical detection and treatment of malaria and other common illnesses. This is very beneficial to those who cannot afford to travel for treatments.

Priorities for the next phase of the building project:
$984.00 pump for the well
$300.00 concrete the well top
$600.00 finish the toilets
$800.00 electricity for the church property

Other projects:
$30.00 per month will sponsor one of the churches’ 57 orphans
( provides housing, food, clothing, and education.)
$3000.00 a one time fee to order medical supplies ahead for the clinic operated by the church

August 2013

July 2013

Email From Boniface:

hi brothers ,we thank you very very much for your contribution.the work is going in the church property. both toilets and well is on the process of being dug and drilled.we are behind with starting building because the public works engineer that was attached to inspect our building came up with the recommendation that changed the cost of material that we are going to use for building,some of the changes are as follows that are not compatible with the prescription of the materials that were given to us in the initial costing.

1] the initial reinforcement bar for pillars and beams were to be size 18,according to new survey in the conference that was done,the manufactures of the reinforcement bars have drastically changed the strength of bars because they no longer use pure metal to manufacture them,consequently they are week to support buildings,that is why in the past 5 years building in kenya collapse before they have completed the building,now they have replaced size 18 with size 20.initially because of the strength of size 18,only 4 pieces of rods were erected in one pillar, but now the size has increased which has increased the cost of metal rods needed to erect one pillar,but not only that instead of using pieces of reinforcement bars the recommendation demands that we will use 6 pieces of this roads per pillars

2] initially we used to break stones by our self for mixing concrete for reinforcing pillars and beams,right now they is recommended small sized broken factory made gravel,or small stones to go with reinforcement bars of size 20,this is why if you can see from the pictures we are using 10 tons truck to transport broken stones here called ballast from a place called kissi town,which is 60 km from migori

all this has adjusted our initial financial budget that we will need additional of 5000 $ extra to finish out first part of building plan that we set with the first 8200$ that was raised in my visit there between april and june 18th 2013

we have heard a big help from the government who has attached a volunteer engineer without any cost to help us set this building.the engineer is given to us up 3rd of august then he will be attached somewhere to give his services.he has become a blessing to us because if we had to pay him we could not have heard enough funds to do this building, and incase he can help us to raise the first part of the building until all pillars are raised and the first beam,then we will not need him,for he shall have set the structural dimension of this building and any builder can now complete it

the municipal council have also donated free truc of helping us to bring all the water needed to do the first face of the building and their help will terminate on that third when the engineer goes out of the building site.this is what is needed to accomplish the first part of structural building of the first face

1] hand dug well--------------------------- 1000$
1] latrine-------------------------------------1000$
2] site clearing and leveling-----------------610$
3] site covering with use sheets------------800$
4] 200 bags of cement/concrete----------2409$
5] 7 trucks of sand--------------------------843$
6] broken stone--------trucks @ 10 tons=1686$
7] boards 5000 ft----------------------------800$
8] labour ------------------------------------1200$
9] binding wires------------------------------500$
10] gladiator for killing termites------------150$
11] wall pass--------------------------20kg---400$
12] transporting stones-----------------------600$
transporting bricks----------------------------533$
14] approving plan with physical planners,public health and council-800$
13331$-8200$ that was donated in my preaching=5131$

please we can share this with people,because if they can be touched and we collect however little who can give or churches and individuals ,God can help us come up with this,we dont dont want to lose engineers skills at this point when we are putting up the footers,pray and let me know what is going on,if God can help us come up with this figure by the first week,it will be good,we can accomplish the first face then we can let it the structure sit there while we are still praying for future opening

your brother boniface

June 2013

Permits and geologists plans for digging a well on the property have been done. A latrine has been dug, and a footer has begun. Plans to transport bricks and stones to the building site have been made. the land has been leveled and enclosed with tin (as per instructions of the city).

February 2013

Plans for the new church-school-orphanage were drawn up and approved.

The vision of the new church building, is to seat 2500 for church services on the first floor. Second floor will house Boniface and his family and also house the orphans. Third floor will be for the school’s classrooms.

September 2012

Land was purchased in Migori, for $10,000.00. The church members handmade 20,000 bricks and broke up large stones in preparation of the new building. They cut down huge trees and transported them to the site where they were used to fire the bricks.